How to hack Viber without target phone?

How To Hack Viber Without Target Phone?

If you are reading this, chances are you want to know how to hack Viber. Well, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss various methods of hacking Viber messages and chats.

We will also talk about the legality of hacking Viber, and who might be most interested in doing so. So whether you are a concerned parent trying to keep tabs on your children, or an employer wanting to monitor employee communications, we have the information you need!

Is it possible to hack Viber messages?

Viber is a popular instant messaging app that allows users to send text messages, make voice calls, and video calls. It is available for most smartphones and tablets running on Android, iOS (both iPhone & iPad), Blackberry OS, Windows Phone operating systems.

How to hack Viber without target phone?

Viber was first released in 2010 by four Israeli developers (Rafael Ayala Rosado Jr., Igor Magazinnik), but it wasn’t until December 2012 when they gained popularity thanks largely due to their ability to allow free international phone calls using Wi-Fi or cellular data networks (which are usually expensive on regular phones).

Users can also create groups of up to 100 people who can all participate in conversations together without having any limitations such as those imposed by Skype.

So, how do you hack Viber? The answer to that question is not as simple as one might think. There are a few different ways that hackers can gain access to someone’s Viber account, but the most common methods involve either stealing their password or using spy software like mSpy or eyeZy.

We will discuss each of these methods in more detail and provide instructions on how to hack Viber using each of them. We will also take a look at some of the pros and cons associated with each method so that you can decide which one is right for you.

How to hack Viber by Password?

How to hack Viber without target phone?

One way that hackers can gain access to someone’s Viber account is by stealing their password. This can be done in a number of ways, including phishing scams, keyloggers, or simply guessing the user’s password.

If you are trying to hack Viber using this method, you will need to first acquire the victim’s login credentials. Once you have them, you can use a tool like PassCrack to try and crack their password. If successful, you will then be able to log into their account and view all of their conversations and messages.

mSpy review – Viber hack app

mSpy is a Viber hack app that lets you monitor everything your child does on their mobile device. It is compatible with both Android and iOS phones, as well as Windows PCs.

How to install mSpy: Three Steps

Step One

Register for an account on the official website of the company. You will have to provide some basic information like your name, email address, etcetera during this process. Once done, download the application onto your target phone or PC by clicking “Download Now” button at home page (if it’s Android) or going through these steps if it’s iPhone/iPad).

Step Two

Install the software by following instructions given in Welcome Email after purchase–this should take only a few minutes! You will need to provide some information about your child during installation process as well. For example, their age range and gender are required inputs that must be provided before you can proceed any further with installing mSpy on someone else’s phone or computer.

Step Three

Login into your account from any device at anytime (including iPhone/iPad) where there is an internet connection available via Wi-Fi or cellular data plan; then click “Login” button located in upper right hand corner of screen for android phones–this should take less than 30 seconds! It also works if it’s installed remotely through remote installation feature which allows users access from anywhere.

eyeZy review – Viber hack

eyeZy is one of the newer applications on the market and is gaining in popularity as one of the best ways to hack Viber messages. It has a very easy three-step installation process, making it one of the easiest spy applications to use.

How to hack Viber without target phone?

How to install eyeZy?

  1. First you will need to visit their website and register for an account. You will then be asked to provide some basic information such as your name, email address, and phone number. This is required in order to receive your login credentials and activation code.
  2. Once you have registered, you can proceed with installing eyeZy onto the device that you want to spy on.
  3. To install, first make sure that you have enabled “Unknown Sources” from Settings. Then, simply follow the installation guide provided on their website.
  4. Once installed, you will need to activate your account using the activation code that they sent you via email.
  5. After this is done, all of Viber’s data will be available for viewing from your eyeZy dashboard.

How to hack Viber by phone number – is it possible?

There are many ways in which hackers can gain access to someone else’s device without them even realizing it has happened at all! Some of these methods include:

By physically getting hold of another person’s device and installing a spyware app onto it (e.g., through downloading malicious software directly from an unknown source). This method relies heavily upon being able to access the device physically, so is not always possible.

By using social engineering techniques to get hold of someone’s login credentials (e.g., by tricking them into revealing their username and password). This method can be successful if the hacker already has some personal information about the target that they can use to make the attack more realistic.

If you know the phone number of the target device, it is also possible to hack Viber through a process known as “phone hacking”. In this scenario, spyware software is installed on your own device and then used to intercept all communications between the target phone and the Viber servers.

The spyware will collect all messages and calls made over Viber, as well as any other data that is transmitted through Viber’s servers. It is important to note though, that this method of hacking will only work if your device has access to the same Wi-Fi network as the target device so it may not always be possible for everyone.

If you know what cell phone or SIM card belongs with whom on your contact list then another way how hackers could hack into someone else’s account would be by using their number without them knowing about it. This means taking advantage of social engineering techniques such as phishing scams where scammers pretend they are legitimate companies offering services like free gifts in exchange for personal information which include passwords etcetera; then once these details have been hacked into there isn’t much left before all messages and chats are accessible as well.

Who most often wants to know how to hack Viber?

How to hack Viber without target phone?

The people who want to hack Viber the most are usually spouses, friends or employers. This is because they may have a suspicion that their partner is cheating on them, that someone is gossiping about them behind their back or that they are wasting company time and money whilst chatting on the app during work hours. There are many reasons why somebody might want to hack into someone else’s account, but whatever the reason may be it’s important to know that there are ways of doing this without having access to the target phone.

Viber hacking software – is this legal?

 As we’ve already mentioned, it’s not illegal to hack your own Viber account. However, if you want to find out how to hack Viber on somebody else’s phone then this is a completely different matter and may be deemed illegal depending upon the location that you live in. It is always best to check with a lawyer before attempting any kind of hacking activity as they will be able to tell you whether or not it is legal in your country and what the penalties are for doing so.


Should I spy on my spouse? This is a very personal decision which only you can answer for yourself however generally speaking if there are suspicious activities going on then yes – it would probably be wise to take action sooner rather than later.


Is hacking Viber legal?

This is a difficult question to answer as it can depend upon your location. If you are attempting to hack into somebody else’s phone then this is a completely different matter and may be deemed illegal depending upon the location that you live in. It is always best to check with a lawyer before attempting any kind of hacking activity as they will be able to tell you whether or not it is legal in your country and what the penalties are for doing so.

How to hack Viber by phone number?

Hacking into somebody else’s phone can be tricky, but if you’re determined enough then there is always a way around it. As mentioned above however – it should never be done without their consent because otherwise this could lead to serious legal issues that could land yourself in prison! There are several methods which involve using an app installed on the target device or even just sending them fake texts from another person’s phone number (e.g., sending messages through WhatsApp). These methods take time and effort though so if you want something quick & easy then we recommend going with online phishing attacks instead!

Can I monitor Viber calls made using mSpy?

Yes, you can! mSpy records all calls made and received on the target device so you will be able to listen in or even download the recording as an MP file for future playback whenever you want.

Can I see Viber messages sent using mSpy?

 Yes, you can! mSpy records all texts made and received on the target device so you will be able to read in or even download them as an MP file for future playback whenever you want.

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